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January 2016 Quotes For A Cause – International Child Care

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International Child Care is a Christian health development organization. Operating in Haiti since 1967 and in the Dominican Republic since 1988, ICC is working to change the conditions of poverty that impact health and well-being. Their vision is health and wholeness for children and families in empowered communities. ICC’s staff, U.S. National Director, Keith Mumma, Finance Director, Michael Palmer, and Communications Director, Kirsten McIlvenna, works and operates from right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Ron Jackson Agency presented a check for $604.00 to the group on March 1. We provided 151 quotes in January. We hope this donation will help further ICC’s mission to respond to a living God by promoting health and well-being for the children and families of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through caring service and the education of others. Pictured are Keith, Kirsten, Michael, and Mark Jackson. For more information on ICC, please visit their website