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Having Home Insurance could be a Life Saver During Accidents

By July 3, 2012April 14th, 2022No Comments

During the hot summer months, your backyard pool is probably being used all the time. However, with small children around, you must be prepared for the potential accident or injury to occur. Never take your eyes off your children or their friends. In an instant, a serious mishap could occur, and if it is to a friend, you may be liable. Make sure you are covered for all accidents at home with Michigan home insurance.


Although you can use your insurance coverage as a type of life saver during disastrous events, sometimes you need an alternative in the moment. For one family, their dog became the hero during a swimming pool accident. The Drauch family has always told their black Labrador retriever, Bear, to watch out for the four children. These instructions came in handy when the dog saved their 14-month-old son after he fell into the family’s swimming pool. The near drowning occurred when the mother was with her son in the garage while she was getting a shovel to do yard work. She then realized the baby was no longer with her, and panicked when she saw her son in the pool. This is when Bear sprang into action, putting the baby on his back and keeping him above water. Thankfully, the child recovered from the incident. Now, the parents are planning to put up a more secure fence around their pool.

What if such an event occurred at your home? It is important to always be aware of the risks you may face on your property. By having the right Michigan home insurance with Ron Jackson Insurance Agency, you can reduce the loss you may experience during a covered accident. We will help ease the process for you when our friendly agents guide you through the options. You can help protect aspects of your residence such as your personal property, the structure of your home, temporary living expenses, and more. Let us support you as you create the perfect policy to meet your unique needs.