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May 2017 Quotes for a Cause – Building Blocks of Kalamazoo

By June 4, 2017April 14th, 2022No Comments

We’re proud to have donated $1290.00 to Building Blocks of Kalamazoo thanks to providing 258 quotes in May!

Adam Jackson of Ron Jackson Insurance presented Carrie Drake, Executive Director, with a check for $1290.00, thanks to providing 258 quotes in May!

Building Blocks of Kalamazoo organizes residents one block at a time to enhance the quality of neighborhood life.

Forming from humble roots in 1995, Building Blocks set out to help associations representing Kalamazoo’s low-income neighborhoods to extend their organizing efforts to individual streets. The associations would identify streets that needed help. College/University students served as project organizers and residents loved the program.

Collaboration is at this organization’s core. They operate without a paid executive director; the board themselves carry out most administrative functions. From its inception, therefore, at both the level of the street projects and its governing board, Building Blocks has operated on the principle of self-help, substituting voluntary contributions for paid help.

They promote vibrant neighborhoods where resident-led groups work together to address block-level issues, complete projects and collaborate with community stakeholders.

We, at Ron Jackson Agency, are proud to assist in this small way. What an amazing organization in our community!! Please visit to learn more.