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July 2016 Quotes For A Cause – Cpl. Christopher Kelly Willis Foundation

By November 18, 2016April 14th, 2022No Comments

Ron Jackson Agency was proud to present CCKWF with $688.00 this year. We donated to this great foundation in July 2015 as well. This year we were able to increase our giving by $163.00 with our $4.00 per quote provided to prospects and customers in the month of July. Once again, the money was given toward the annual Warrior Ride; to raise funds for children of fallen soldiers. Their mission is to provide hope for the children with an education for their children. “Freedom is not Free.” This year’s recipient of the scholarship is the daughter of Sergeant David R. Denhardt. Please visit the CCKWF website at to learn all about this hero’s sacrifices for us all as well the incredible work this foundation does to return service to all of those who have served with their lives.