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Don’t make Your Pet do all the Work, have Insurance come to Your Rescue!

By June 19, 2012April 14th, 2022No Comments

You rely on your pet for many things, such as love, comfort, and protection. Although they may help you out in dangerous situations, they can’t do all the work. Have you ever thought about what would happen if flooding or a fire struck your home? The property damage could be immense, costing you thousands of dollars. Although your pet may comfort you, the thought of having affordable and reliable Michigan home insurance may provide your family with extra peace of mind.


What if you were sound asleep and disaster was brewing in your home? For one local family, this happened to be the case, although some beloved heroes helped them escape. A Coopersville family can thank their dogs for helping them get out of their burning home without injury. “They were woken when the dogs started barking,” said Coopersville-Polkton Fire Chief Scott Schoolcraft. The fire destroyed the home, but once the family’s three dogs began barking as smoke filled the house, the humans and the animals, including a cat, all got out of the house safely.

At Ron Jackson Insurance Agency, we hope this type of unfortunate event does not happen to anyone. However, you can never predict when a disaster will strike. We know the safety and lives of your family members, including your pets, are extremely important to you. This is why we can offer comprehensive Michigan home insurance so you can have help rebuilding after a covered accident. You may not be required to carry homeowners insurance in Michigan, but it is the sensible choice. We will help ease the process as our friendly agents guide you through the options. With a typical policy, you can help protect your home from destruction and damage, theft, have temporary living expenses, and more. So don’t hesitate, cover all that you love from harm with this insurance plan!